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'che sausage is the worst piece of sh*t ever'

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new video babes!  in this episode I talk about how

✔society reduces women to things to have sex with
✔it’s so common it feels normal 
✔sexual objectification directly contributes to rape culture


the amount of comments from people (specifically men) is outrageous. You’d think that in this century people would have realized that yes women and girls are human too,wow!

i am rarely surprised at my comment section, but this time is an exception.  there are thousands of comments and a good chunk of them have me asking….did you even watch it?  seriously

i get really frustrated with how difficult it is to talk about gender on youtube.  anytime you dare acknowledge ways that men and women are treated differently, all hell breaks loose.

This lady is rather great.

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Seriously, if we believe a 14 year old is too immature to know how to take a pill, do we really think she’s adult enough to handle an unwanted pregnancy?

The truth is that the age restriction is completely arbitrary, tied only to our puritanical comfort levels. And listen, I get it; I think it’s fair to say that most people are uncomfortable with the idea of a 14 year old having sex. But here’s the thing - access to Plan B isn’t about keeping a 14 year old from having sex - by the time she gets to the pharmacy, that ship has sailed - it’s about keeping a 14 year old who has already had sex from getting pregnant. And despite what urban legend (or past embarrassing FDA memos) may tell you, making emergency contraception more available is not more likely to make young teens have sex - it will just make them less likely to end up pregnant.

We can’t let our discomfort with teen sex trump young people’s right to sexual and reproductive health and we can’t continue to let politics trump science. If we care about young women’s health and bodily autonomy and integrity, we’ll drop all age restrictions from emergency contraception. Anything less isn’t just illogical - it’s immoral.

"Hey, FDA: Drop the Plan B Age Restriction," my latest at The Nation (via jessicavalenti)

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Watch the whole talk here»

This guy stopped watching porn — and he wants you to know why. Gender activist Ran Gavrieli felt that most of the images he saw in porn encouraged negative, even violent, attitudes toward women, despite a recent wave of feminist porn. So he pulled the plug, and found that his personal sex life and private fantasies became much more fulfilling.

In his talk at TEDxJaffa, he advocates for physically and emotionally-safe sex, as well as erotica that shows a wider range of fulfilling sexual experiences — including the intimacy of human connection, laughter, and touch. Watch his talk here.

SENSUALITY AND MUTUALITY YESSSSS. God, this talk is so good.

Wow I never really thought about this

Wooooaaahhh. Holy shit guys please read.


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Anonymous asked: My two cents on abortion issues: Abortion should only be an option if the child poses a significant threat to the physical and/or mental health of the mother. If the mom is just too stupid to use protection then she should have to deal with it.


Let me present you with a list of reasons why that’s wrong. 

  1. She’s not the only one that has to deal with the kid. That’s a human being that will be part of society, and if he or she is going to be raised by parents that sort of resent his or her existence, I don’t know how great of an addition to society they are likely to be. 
  2. Forcing a woman to suffer lifelong consequences for a single indiscretion when it is completely within our power to negate those consequences is immoral in my view. 
  3. Putting a child into a situation where it is being raised by (a) parent(s) that doesn’t want them may well be cruel to the child.
  4. A woman should have the right to control her own body. If another organism is living off of her body, she has the right to kill it. It’s only alive because it’s siphoning away her resources, not to mention incapacitating her with sickness and then with a massive amount of extra weight. How can you possibly ask someone to suffer 9 months of sickness and pain followed by the agony of childbirth followed by the burdens of raising a child if they’re not ready for that or have no desire to do that?
  5. You’re a fucking asshole.